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My diploma

  • The Making of bed linen under the motto 
                                                 " The Philosophy of Sleep"
 My collection consist of four bed linen sets "Euro" for people of all ages and all professions. For every set I made four bed`s models. I decide to create project in which bed and bed linen are the organic whole. I think the integrated approach allows to receive more interesting, actual, usefull results.
Before to start I draw up the Inspiration Album where I collected inspiration materials, associative series (photos, modern art, object design, furnitures, etc.)

 "The Culture of Sleep" (the first page of Album) 

"The Style of Life" (here and below page from the Album)
"The Philosiphy of Sleep" (photos of sleeping people were taken from the FLOU`s catalog)
MORNING (this is a collection for the first set: fresh morning, rising sun, light blue sky...) 
MORNING (my first set)
DAYTIME (the collection for the second set: Fall City, sometimes rainy with even the warm sun 
and light winds...)
 DAYTIME (my second set)
EVERNING (the collection for the third set: The Tired City - as in a haze of smog, dust and wind. 
It dissolves in space, in glass building, reflecting sky, the sun and each other.)
EVERNING (my third set)
      NIGHT (the collection for the fourth set: Night City Streets with flaming torches and 
      headlights  machines, glowing showcases and the windows of tall buildings.

      Floating, dynamic, dancing lines.)
      continuation of the fourth set collection... 
      NIGHT (my fourth set)
     NIGHT (my fourth set)

                                 Now main bed linen sets in more big size and their beds. 

"FRESH MORNING". I chose the geometric design which always actual despite the fashion trend. The basis of composition is overlapping stripes which make the illusion of new large forms , small diamonds in a checkerboard pattern with the detailed design. Design combines modernity and timeless classic.Fabric companion for the back of the duvet covers and pillows are made in the traditional strip which is decorated with rare colored diamonds. Sheet has a sleek light-blue background giving freshness to the whole set.The gamma is light, easy, though full of sunshine: sky blue, pale yellow, olive, golden-orange, milk, white. This palette is perfect for lifting the mood at the time of awakening.
Bed for this bed linen set has the suspended design over which three light cloths - "sails" hover.Graphic design, color spectrum and bed create a feeling of joy a new day, raising the tone and the mood for the forthcoming business.

 WEEKDAY. This is the central monorapport with a stylized large-scale sun-circle scattered into small square-rays across the surface of the blanket cover. The background consists of strips tapering to a central zone - the road, filled with thin lines. There are simple static shapes (circles, squares, stripes), and directed movement to the center which breaks up and distributed all over the cover. The companion fabric in a stylish pinstripe and the sheet in a delicate cell complement the duvet cover.
Was selected the glittering gamma: warm and cool shades of silvery gray of dark and light tones, the wet asphalt color, the "coffee with milk" color, gray-blue, faded red, pomegranate, dark purple,some few saturated orange. This is the palette of autumn sometimes rainy with even the warm sun and light winds. 
Bed for this set is a simple shape with a three-tier structure at the headboard which is a rectangular arches with glassy beaded "drops" of different colors giving the soft reflections on the walls and the linen.

This is the border rapport in which smooth curved band with a stylized image of foggy metropolis crosses a smooth background with a slight gradient of the sunset sky color. Megapolis is shown in a different scale rectangles filled by the small squares - windows as if they are illuminated by a setting sun. This is a tired city - as in a haze of smog, dust and wind. It dissolves in space, glass buildings reflect sky, the sun and each other. The sheet in a small square mosaics and pillows with floating waves like fading sounds complete the duvet cover.A bit dusty soft gamma: shades of pink, silver gray, umber - gray, brown, gray, milky-white, glow of a bright orange.
Designed 2 beds for this set:- The first bed is a simple form with a high, smoothly curved glassy screen at the bedhead.- The second bed is a light glassy design on which the lightest fabric soft pink color is hanged with threads.Both beds are combined with linen on the plastic, the movement of lines and colors what completes the image conceived.

This is the border rapport which can be divided into three parts. The bottom - straight and curved strips are filled round and square multicolored lights, the middle - a sleek black background with twinkling square gems - "stars" and the top - the wave of moving night lights. Night city streets with flaming torches and headlights machines glowing showcases and the windows of tall buildings. Floating, dynamic dancing lines.Sheet is the smooth emerald-green background which contrast shielding the black sparkling duvet cover. Pillowcases with a bright circle of a passing day sun.Bright sonorous gamma: deep blue, emerald green, dark purple, magenta, orange, yellow, lemon, cold dark-green, turquoise, pale purple.
The bed for this set is located in the center of the circular maze. Can be approached from three different sides to it and when find yourself inside you can see the refraction of light and shapes in the room due to a glassy colored material.All these help to leave behind concerns of the workday, to dream, to relax, to dive into the world of lights, music and entertainment.

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